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Joulescope User's Guide



  Joulescope User's Guide

Host Source Code

The Joulescope software that runs on the host computer is open source and distributed under the permissive Apache 2.0 license. The software is split into several packages:

The pyjoulescope package contains the Joulescope driver and command-line utilities. You can use this package to develop your own applications that communicate with Joulescope, including scripting Joulescope operation. The pyjoulescope_ui package contains the graphical user interface that most users will use with Joulescope. See the software repositories for installation details.

We also maintain a repository with examples for how to use the joulescope python package:

  • pyjoulescope_examples: GitHub

Front Panel Designs

The Joulescope front panel designs are also open source and are available on GitHub: