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Welcome to Joulescope's support page!

If you are just getting started with your Joulescope, the best resource is the Joulescope User’s Guide for the JS110 or JS220.  It contains information on getting started, describes how to use your Joulescope, and has detailed information on Joulescope specifications.

The Joulescope Forum is an interactive website where you can see posts from other Joulescope Users and post your own topics.  We are very active and responsive on the forum, and the forum is the best place to publically discuss your Joulescope issues, challenges and ideas. 

If you would prefer to communicate privately, you can email or use the Contact Form.

The Joulescope host software and front panel designs are all open source, which you can find on GitHub:

Ready to purchase a Joulescope?  The quickest and easiest way to purchase by credit card or Paypal is to add a Joulescope to your cart.  If you need a quote or want to place a purchase order, contact