The inexpensive, precision DC energy analyzer that enables you to build better products.

Joulescope™ enables designers, engineers, and makers to quickly and easily optimize the energy consumption and battery life of a target device. Joulescope is designed to automatically handle wide current ranges and rapid changes in energy consumption, while allowing the target device to run normally.

Key features

Dynamic range

Joulescope automatically and rapidly adapts to provide a dynamic measurement range spanning 9 orders of magnitude from amps down to nanoamps. This wide range allows accurate measurement for low-power sleep modes and much higher-power RF transmissions.

Low voltage drop

Most multimeters and current meters have a significant voltage drop (sometimes called burden voltage or insertion loss) which effects the actual voltage delivered to the device under test. Joulescope has a total voltage drop of 50 mV at 1 A, which minimizes the effect on the target device.


The Joulescope samples at 2 MSPS with 250 kHz bandwidth which makes the power consumption of interrupt service routines and other short running operations visible.

Ease of use

Joulescope captures real-time voltage, current, power and energy. Joulescope connects to your host computer over USB, and you can easily explore the data with the Joulescope host software.


The Joulescope host software is open source on github. The standard banana jack front panel is also open source and customizable.


Joulescope is affordable for every firmware developer. With a Joulescope at the desk of every firmware developer, the impact of firmware changes on power consumption can be observed in real time, and developers can make appropriate design decisions to account for battery life during design. Eliminate power consumption surprises during final product testing!

Why Joulescope?

Most modern electrical devices actively manage their power consumption. For example, many battery powered sensors spend most of their time in a very low powered sleep mode and only occasionally wake up to take the sensor reading and communicate the value. These devices have a high dynamic current range, and they switch rapidly between very low current consumption and very high current consumption. When “sleeping”, the devices consume nanoamps (nA) or microamps (µA), but when active, they consume milliamps (mA) or amps (A).

Measuring the total energy consumed by these devices has either required expensive equipment or a tedious, time-consuming process. Joulescope combines high-speed sampling and rapid dynamic current range switching to provide accurate and seamless energy measurements, even for devices with rapidly varying current consumption. The unprecedented accuracy and low-cost of Joulescope allows every engineer to measure the energy consumed by the target device during development and provides rapid feedback on how changes affect the overall product battery life.

Joulescope's multimeter view provides the present values for current, voltage, power and energy.

The more detailed oscillosope view provides a view of current and voltage over time. The oscillosope view allows engineers to identify and troubleshoot interrupt handlers, tasks, and other events.

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