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Evaluation Kit 1

This Joulescope™ Evaluation Kit 1 includes a target device and power supply so that you can quickly evaluate Joulescope. You can observe current, voltage, power and energy in real-time, without any additional equipment. The included target device implements a sleep mode current of 120 nA and an active current of 8 mA, which showcases some of Joulescope’s high dynamic current range.

  • 1 USB to +3.3V power supply
  • 1 USB A to Micro B cable
  • 1 target device: a modified Arduino Pro Mini
You will need to provide a Joulescope along with a host PC, which can be Windows 10, Windows 7, Mac OS X or Linux. You will need an additional USB port or a separate USB power adapter (like a mobile phone charger) for the included +3.3V power supply.

Very quick start guide
  • Connect Joulescope to the host computer and launch the Joulescope host software.
  • Connect the Arduino Pro Mini to the Joulescope OUT. Connect black to OUT- and red to OUT+.
  • Connect the USB to +3.3V power supply to Joulescope IN.
  • Match the “-“ and “+” markings on the power supply to the Joulescope.
  • Connect the USB cable to the USB port and USB power supply.
  • Press the Arduino Pro Mini reset button. The LED will flash in a few
  • patterns to vary the current consumption. The Arduino Pro Mini will then
  • go to sleep. Press the reset button to repeat.
  • Use the Joulescope software to capture and explore!

For more details on the Arduino Pro Mini, including the sketch source code, see GitHub.

NOTICE: The Joulescope evaluation kit does not have FCC, CE or USB certifications.  You are responsible for operating the Joulescope evaluation kit in compliance with any local regulations.