Pricing changes for Jan 2022

To our customers,

The past year has been challenging. In addition to continued uncertainty due to SARS-CoV-2, we are in the middle of a historic semiconductor shortage, which started becoming critical in early 2021. The shortage shows little signs of abating in 2022.

We have worked diligently to navigate this crisis. Despite a few weeks in Nov/Dec 2021 and one week recently, Joulescopes have remained in stock. However, we face continued problems acquiring sufficient components for our 2022 builds. We already have many components on hand, but a single delayed component can put an entire build at risk.

In addition, component costs continue to increase dramatically, and our contract manufacturer increased costs for 2022. While we absorbed some cost increases in 2021, we have reached a point where we must account for our higher costs. Therefore, we are increasing prices for all of our products. While this is not the outcome we would prefer, we hope you agree that our products continue to provide excellent value even at the new prices.

We remain committed to developing quality instruments to support engineers and developers working on energy-constrained devices. This price increase will help ensure our continued financial stability. We look forward to helping you develop better products for many years to come.

If you have any questions, you can contact us directly by email at or post publically on the Joulescope forum.

I appreciate your understanding. We have amazing customers, and Joulescope would not be a successful product without your support. Thank you for selecting Joulescopes for your measurement needs.  

Best regards,

- Matt

Creator of Joulescope and owner of Jetperch LLC