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Joulescope JS220+: Precision Energy Analyzer
Joulescope JS220+: Precision Energy Analyzer
Joulescope JS220+: Precision Energy Analyzer

Joulescope JS220+: Precision Energy Analyzer

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The LIMITED EDITION Joulescope JS220+ is a variant of the JS220 redesigned for exceptional performance, temperature stability, and ±1 nanoamp accuracy when measured at ±20 nA. The JS220+ operates identically to the JS220, and the JS220+ provides the same, best-in-class high-dynamic current range measurement as the JS220.

A JS220+ enables world-class accuracy for measurement challenges including:

  • In-circuit leakage measurement for market-leading low-power ICs.
  • Capacitor leakage measurement, including super-capacitors.
  • Charge, energy, and battery life estimation for leading energy-harvesting and extreme low-power systems.

Many low-measurement instruments based on transimpedance amplifiers (feedback ammeters) can measure down to fA (1e-15 A). However, these instruments are typically specified for a maximum capacitance, often around 10 nF (1e-8 F), often four orders of magnitude below what is needed for in-circuit measurements. The JS220+ is inherently stable at all capacitances.

The JS220+ features a completely redesigned analog front end focused on low-level accuracy and temperature stability. It also includes a custom extremely low-leakage front panel with safety banana jacks. All PCBs use Rogers material for the lowest possible current leakage performance.

See the Joulescope JS220+ User's Guide for more details, and download the latest host software.

All JS220+ instruments include ISO 17025:2017 NIST-traceable calibration performed by Tra-Cal, an ANAB-accredited calibration laboratory.

This product kit includes:

  • Joulescope JS220+ instrument with installed safety banana jack front panel
  • 5' USB cable
  • 25 cm GPIO cable
  • Allen wrench (for swapping the front panel)
  • Quick start guide
  • Sticker
  • Carrying case